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The English Premier League, formerly known as the Barclays Premier League for sponsorship reasons with Barclays Bank, is the top division of English men’s football, formed in 1992 after 22 clubs broke away from the Football League to accept a lucrative television deal from companies like BT and Sky that is now worth around £1bn per season

Manchester City are the defending champions, winning the title after Manchester United lost 0–1 at home to West Bromwich Albion in the 2017–18 Premier League with 5 games to spare.

Premier League: Live Stream & on TV

Since it was formed, it’s been reduced to 20 teams. 49 different teams have played in the division since its inception. Only six teams have won the competition, with three going down for famous ways.

Chelsea has won 5, under Jose Mourinho (3), Antonio Conte and Carlo Ancelotti. They broke numerous records in 2016–17 which were in turn broken in 2017–18.

Arsenal has won 3 titles, all under Arsene Wenger, and their most recent title win is famous for being called the “Invincibles”: going an entire Premier League season without a single defeat, which had not been achieved after Preston North End went unbeaten in the old First Division in 1888–89, the first ever season of English football. Incredible. They hold the record for longest unbeaten run in English football, lasting 49 games until Manchester United defeated them 2–0 at Old Trafford.

Manchester City has won 3 titles under Roberto Mancini, Manuel Pellegrini and Pep Guardiola. They are currently the defending champions, winning the title in 2017–18. That was a famous title win, being called the “Centurions” because of it: reaching 100 points in a single season, not done before, and also broke many records in that season. Not only that, but their first Premier League title win, led by Roberto Mancini, was won in injury time on the final day of the season, scoring two goals in two minutes of injury time to snatch the Premier League TV title from local rivals and dominaters Manchester United.

Premier League: Live Stream & on TV

Leicester City has won one Premier League under former Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri, and are famous for that win because they are called the “Unbelieveables”, as they were predicted to finish bottom and had 5000/1 odds on winning the EPL title. That was recent, in 2015–16.

Blackburn Rovers, currently of the Championship, also won the Premier League in 1994–95 under Kenny Dalglish, edging out Manchester United on the final day of the season.

The “Big Six” teams – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur – have traditionally finished in the top six slots of the table and the last time all six failed to finish in the top six was 2015–16, when Liverpool finished 8th and Chelsea finished 10th; the season when Leicester City won it.

The top four sides qualify for the Champions League group stages the following season, with fifth and sixth qualifying for the Europa League the next season and depending on who wins the FA Cup and the EFL Cup, seventh place may also potentially qualify for the Europa League.

It is ranked as Europe’s second most elite league behind Spain’s La Liga Santander. Clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City are favourites to win European competitions as well, making teams from the EPL international forces too.

The top scorer in the history of the league is Alan Shearer, retired. Gareth Barry, currently with West Bromwich Albion of the Championship, has made the most appearances in the division. Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have all contested every season in the competition’s history, and it looks like it’ll stay that way – at least for now.

The highest transfer fee paid by a club in this division is for Paul Pogba by Manchester United in 2016 from Juventus FC of Italy for £89m. The highest fee received by a club in this division is for Philippe Coutinho for Liverpool when he joined FC Barcelona of Spain in 2018 for £140m.

The Premier League is the most competitive league in the world and produces wonderful football.

No one has won it consecutively for 10 years since Manchester United, and before that Chelsea, and nobody dominates it. Sure, you have seasons like 2017–18 where one team dominates the league for the whole season, and you could even make a pass for 2016–17, but when you watch a game, you don’t know who’ll win because all teams are capable of great things (yes even you Cardiff), so don’t write off a team ever, despite how their form is at the time.

RelatedHow do I watch the English Premier Football League for free?

There are a few ways to watch the English Premier League (EPL) for free, but they may not be entirely legal. Some options include:

  1. Using a streaming service that offers free access to live sports, such as SonyLiv, which is a streaming service that is available in India and offers live sports, including the EPL, for free.
  2. Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access a streaming service that is available in another country, such as NBC Sports in the United States, which offers live EPL matches for free.
  3. Using a Kodi add-on that streams live sports, although this can be risky as it may not be legal and could expose your device to malware.

It’s important to note that these options may not be entirely legal and that streaming copyrighted content without permission is illegal in many countries. Additionally, streaming services and VPNs that claim to be “free” may actually be scams that collect personal information or charge hidden fees.

Premier League: Live Stream & on TV

The official way to watch EPL is by subscribing to a paid service like SkySports, NBC Sports, etc.

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