PTV Sports used to show Barclays Premier League but this season they haven’t. Speculations tell that they’re working on it and devoting a new channel just for football and sports other than cricket. PTV National could too prove to come in handy.

But still, it isnt reliable because there are multiple matches coming on at the same time. Use the following to follow live matches:

  1. Online Live Streaming on the site cricfree . tv (type in google)
  2. Facebook Live ( e.g. type Manchester United vs Liverpool Live in the Facebook search bar and you’ll multiple links depending upon the popularity of the fixture)
  3. Get an HD Box for your TV
  4. You can always watch extended highlights on YouTube hours after the match.

I suppose that’s the million dollar question, who will win the bloody Premier league title?

The way i view things, you have 20 teams battling for that title, but in reality, you have the usual big6 (Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City) who’ll fight fight for it, i’m not saying that miracles can’t happen, but this is the general rule.

  • Manchester United:

Manchester United started the season with a 4–0 win over westham, and had a wonderful run until Pogba got injured, from then we seemed lost, and struggled to get results, and even our style of play was horrendous, and was heavily criticised by the fans, we lost to huddersfield and chelsea and drew with Liverpool, and now we’re 8 points behind Manchester City.

Chelsea won the premier league last season, and they have a very good squad when they’re fit, but i don’t see them winning the league this season, as their squad depth isn’t that strong, and since they’re fighting on all fronts, they’ll surely pick up injuries, and when they do, they’ll be forced to sacrifice some competitions in favour of others, and since other teams aren’t showing any sign of stopping, it’ll hard for them to retain the title.

I have this conviction that as long as Arsene Wenger is in charge of Arsenal, and the way the club is run, Arsenal won’t be able to win The premier league, and they’ll be lucky to get into that top4, because the competition right now is in the highest level.

Tottenham do certainly have a good squad, and a decent manager, but they lack big teams personality, they just lost 2–0 to Arsenal, i honestly expected tottenham to do the job and win that game to make a statement, but they didn’t, Arsenal showed heart and passion, and Tottenham were almost not there, which is weird considering both teams past performances. I don’t Tottenham are able to win the league.

  • Liverpool:

Liverpool have two gems: Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, these two are doing wonders for the team, Sadio Mane was amazing last season, and Salah scored 14 goals for them so far in all competitions, something that’s amazing. Liverpool biggest problem is the defense, SAF used to say : “attack wins you games defence wins you titles”, and he’s absolutely right, until they sort this problem, they’ll always find problems with team who have a solid defense, because if they can’t score, they might find it hard to keep a clean sheet.

  • Manchester City:

This team treated the summer transfer window like they’re playing FIFA creer mode, buying players here and there, kyle walker, Danilo, Bernardo Silva, Mendy. and with guardiola’s style of play, they are unstoppable, they drew the first game of the season, but after that, they’ve been murdering teams. they’re winning in a very convincing way, and the depth of their squad is just frightening, and on top of that, they’re 8 points clear at the top.

As things stand, and it hurts me to say this, i reckon Manchester City will win the Premier league this year, and deservedly so, i really want to be proven wrong.

If that’s the question, the answer is a simple yes, but with 10 games remaining, we expect lots of dramas, and probably (hopefully) some surprises (to keep things interesting).

As much as I want to include Tottenham in the title race, I just couldn’t picture them lifting the trophy or be competitive enough to say the least. They are currently sitting third in the league, with 8 and 9 points deficit from Manchester city and Liverpool (respectively), which they will play against next month (both are away games). Playing against City at Etihad and Liverpool at Anfield? no chance. Let’s say if they somehow manage to win both games, they will still be 5 and 6 points behind.

With that said, the title race boils down to Liverpool and Manchester City.

Current table:

Liverpool is (currently) leading up on top by a point. Very small margin indeed. City and Liverpool have played each other. So, the rest of the season will be entirely based on their own performance against other teams.

Now, we will consider and take a closer look at a few things, before we decide who has the edge of winning this year’s trophy.

  • Points per game
    • Liverpool is averaging 2.71 points at Home (12W2D) and 2.21 points at away(9W4D1L)
    • Manchester City is averaging 2.79 points at Home (13W1L) and 2.07 points at away(9W2D3L)

      Liverpool have 5 home games and 5 away games left, while Man.City have 4 home games and 6 away games left.

      Using the average points, Liverpool and Man.City will bagged 24.6 points and 23.58 points respectively. Since decimal points aren’t counted, we will round it to 25 and 24 points respectively. Liverpool will retain the top spot with 94 points, followed by City with 92 points.

      Winner: Liverpool

      NB: The calculation is purely based on statistics. There can be some slips, injuries, bad referee decisions, etc that changes the course of a game.
  • Difficulties of next 10 opponents
    Next 10 fixtures:
    • Liverpool:
      Everton(A),Burnley(H),Fulham(A),Tottenham(H),Southampton(A),Chelsea(H), Cardiff(A), Huddersfield(H), Newcastle(A), Wolverhampton(H)
      The 10 teams averaging 18 points (taking into account home and away performance)
    • Manchester City:
      Bournemouth(A), Watford(H), Fulham(A), Cardiff(H), Crystal Palace(A), Tottenham(H), Manchester United(A), Burnley(A), Leicester(H), Brighton(A)
      The 10 teams averaging 19.4 points (taking into account home and away performance)

      Winner: Liverpool

      The average points are calculated this way:
      Liverpool will play Everton away. Everton has a total of 21 points playing at home. Liverpool will play Burnley at home. Burnley has a total of 13 points playing away games. Do this on the 10 teams and then take the average. The higher the average, the tougher the game for Liverpool/Man. City.
  • Depth of squad and injuries
    • Current injuries
      Liverpool: Gomez, Lovren, Firmino, Chamberlain
      Man.City: Fernandinho, Laporte, Stones, Mendy, Jesus, Delph
    • Depth of squad
      Defensive line proved to be the major headache recently, with Gomez and Lovren still injured. The former has been the star man for Liverpool early this season with its solid partnership with Van Dijk, following an impressive half-season defeat-less run. The injury left only Matip (also just recovered from injury) and Van Dijk. Fabinho has been set as a backup defender, on several occasion, but his natural position is a defensive midfielder.

      Liverpool’s Mane-Firmino-Salah partnership is no doubt lethal, but their playing style are so predictable at times. The draws against Leicester City, West Ham, Bayern Munich and Manchester United should serve as a warning. If they ever need to rest, Shaqiri, Origi and Sturridge will be ready to play. Midfield is looking great for Liverpool with Wijnaldum, Henderson, and Fabinho as regulars, and Milner and Keita as backup.

      One of the best team in terms of depth of squad.
      Front line they have Aguero, Bernardo Silva and Sterling as regulars. Then, they have Sane, Mahrez and Jesus, who are as exceptional as the regulars, on the bench.

      In the midfield, they have KDB, Fernandinho, David Silva, and Gundogan. The recently-injured Fernandinho can be a huge loss for City but they have former world cup champions David Silva and Gundogan to replace him.

      City’s defenders list is as good as its strikers and midfielders. A mix of experienced and young fullbacks in Zinchenko, Delph, Mendy, Danilo, and Walker. Centrebacks include: Kompany, Stones, Laporte, and Otamendi.

      Winner: Manchester City
  • Other competitions (UCL, FA cup, etc.)

    Liverpool: UCL
    Manchester City: UCL and FA cup

    Manchester City are still playing in the FA cup so they will have more games on their hands.
    Both Liverpool and Manchester City are in UCL.

    Verdict: Since Liverpool has less games (assuming equal number of games in UCL until they reach final (fingers crossed)), it will be their advantage to focus more on the remaining EPL games.

    Winner: Liverpool


  • Points per game: Liverpool
  • Difficulties of next 10 opponents: Liverpool
  • Depth of squad and injuries: Man.City
  • Other competitions (UCL, FA cup, etc.): Liverpool

This being said, Liverpool has the edge over Man.City.

However, as I said earlier, we might expect a few roadblocks for both teams (likely vs Tottenham, Chelsea and Man.United), so I guess we will have to wait and see how both team progress. This season has been as much fussy as it is thrilling. It will be great if both teams can play at their best, with less injuries and unfair referee decision, and fair play as always.