Many people who are new to building a website usually use, but in the future, when they see that is a limited service just like blogger, they want to move their site to

If you are one of them, by following this guide, you can make your site richer by moving your site on to the infrastructure, and you can gain full ownership on your site. has many advantages over So much so that many popular websites, including, use the infrastructure.

To move your site to, you must first get hosting and domain (domain name) from a web hosting provider and install wordpress. is a downloadable software, but most of the time you can install it automatically from the hosting control panel without having to download it.

If you do not know exactly which company you will receive your service from, you can review the best hosting companies we recommend.

As the first step, let’s download the data of the site on to transfer it to the hostable wordpress, that is, the infrastructure in our hosting account.

To do this, log in to your account and click on the “Tools >> Export” menu from the left column.

Right after that, click the “Export All” button and download your site data by clicking the “Download” link given in the notification message.

In addition, the download link of this file will be sent to your e-mail address.

If you bought hosting and domain and installed wordpress, now let’s transfer the downloaded site data to our new infrastructure.

After logging into the WordPress admin panel (, click on the “Tools >> Import” menu from the left column and find WordPress on the page and click on the “Install now” link.

“Importer installed successfully. Run the relay.” you will receive the message. Click the “Run relay” link in the message to run the relay and continue.

Unzip the .zip file you downloaded to the folder with the help of WinRAR program and find and select the XML file on the WordPress import page.

After selecting the file, click the “Upload and import file” button.

In this step you need to create a new author or assign an author. Also, don’t forget to check the Download and import file attachments option.

If everything is ok, you can complete the import process by clicking the “Confirm” button.

We recommend that you redirect your old site to your new site in order to avoid loss of rank and traffic in search engines.

In the last step, we will ensure that users who click on your old links will view your content directly with your new address and new infrastructure.

Log in to your account for redirection and then go to the “Settings >> General” page from the left column.

Click the “redirect” link under the site address on the general settings page.

In the next step, type the address you want to forward, that is, your new address and click the “Go” button.

Only currently charges 71.50 TL per year for this process.

And finally, choose your billing information, payment method for the order and complete the transaction.

Now your site will be literally moved to the infrastructure. You can continue to publish content on your site after you complete other arrangements and settings such as theme, design, etc. on your new site.

The content will be published entirely on the new site, but do not delete your old site as it is a redirect process.

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